We are expanding our crew of talented, smart hustlers.

Are you one of them?

Want to be our next badass? ConBody is one of the fastest growing fitness companies. We shine in an otherwise saturated market with a refreshing approach.

The majority of our trainers are men and women who've actually earned their convict body the old-fashioned way -- in prison. They had to #DoTheTime, We believe in second chances. We believe in doing the time, and getting on with life.  

Our team is filled with non-stop energy and creativity, and each and every one of our employees makes ConBody an inspiring place to work.

You’ve had your share of ups and downs and, in the process, have learned what you want from life. You’re aware of your leadership qualities and the influence; you’re a natural-born leader, and know you want to be successful—legally—but aren’t quite sure how to get there. If this describes you, ConBody wants to talk with you!

Are you?

Formerly incarcerated with felony histories
Ambitious and hungry for legal success
Committed to your personal transformation and a crime-free life
Exceptionally hardworking
Entrepreneurial and willing to “get it done” no matter the obstacles
100% drug free

If there's something here you don't see, it doesn't mean we don't need you. We simply may not know we need you yet. So email away. Don't be shy. We're always listening at info@conbody.com. 


Trainer - NYC, NY

Front Desk - NYC, NY

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