about the bootcamp

So what sets our bootcamp apart from other fitness options in New York City? First of all, we’ll guide you through a variety of resistance exercises using only your body weight. There’s absolutely no other equipment required. We build personal discipline through a unique blend of cardiovascular training and bodyweight exercises that take advantage of the resistance properties of everyday objects. We apply military techniques to space constraints intimately familiar to city-dwellers and individuals who reside in small, constrained spaces. This low-risk program has been shown to produce incredible results in a short amount of time. Whether you want to shed pounds, gain muscle, improve your self-image, or all three, ConBody can help you get there. Classes begin at just $30 per class.

about the company

ConBody is creating an opportunity-filled lifestyle by empowering our community to realize success lies within. 

ConBody encourages our community members to push themselves in ways they cannot imagine - both physically and emotionally.
We know the power of living a healthy and disciplined lifestyle -- just ask us.

  • We are committed to our community, overcoming challenges of weight loss and obesity.
  • We expect our community to integrate a friendly, but competitive atmosphere in which strangers develop camaraderie and an expectation they can move beyond their natural limits.
  • We care about our community as individuals, and acknowledge the transformation of our communities’ bodies, attitudes and lifestyle.

For years, we have been surrounded by news specials and website articles detailing how unhealthy and overweight many people in our country are. Certainly, there is a culture of permissiveness for people overeating and not getting the exercise they need. But finally, things are starting to change. ConBody is helping people in New York City to start living healthy lifestyles through our unique bootcamp programs. 

about the founder

The story behind the workout is almost as good as the workout itself: Coss Marte developed a unique and effective exercise program without the need for any equipment while doing his time. and now he helps you to do yours.

While serving a sentence in his 9’x6′ prison cell, Coss lost 70+ lbs. in just six months. From that experience, Coss refined a unique fitness program combining fun cardiovascular, aerobic, and running exercises and now he has brought this exercise program back to New York City. 

Coss is dedicated to helping people live healthy lifestyles through his exercise programs. He is genuinely, fully, interested in the successes of his clients and will do whatever it takes to help you reach your fitness goals. This includes creating a personal relationship with every bootcamp participant and helping them set achievable short-term and long-term goals. He also keeps in constant contact through texts and emails to provide ongoing motivation. Coss is so much more than a personal trainer; he’s a friend on your fitness journey who has been down this road before.


Coss Marte, Founder & CEO, Instructor

Jenn Shaw, Co-Founder & COO

Aimee Echols, Assistant Studio Manager

Sultan Malik, Senior Trainer

Ray Acosta, Instructor

Shane Ennover, Instructor

Kathy Cespedes, Instructor 



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